Friday, August 9, 2013

Baked Eggs with Grilled Onions, Vegetables and Croutons

Eggs are a quick, easy and inexpensive go-to ingredient that makes an excellent meal any time of day.  This recipe is perfect for brunch or a light supper.  You can make the croutons, grilled onions and sauteed vegetables ahead of time, so this meal can be assembled quickly and baked just before serving.  Be sure to use gluten free bread, if that is a concern for you.  Since my diagnosis of celiac disease a few months ago, I must admit these little, buttered croutons are a wonderful treat that satisfies my cravings for bread.  Also, this is one of my famous "hidden vegetable" dishes.  (I'm known for hiding vegetables in nearly everything!)  If getting your family to eat vegetables is a challenge, then try this recipe and include their favorite vegetables in the saute.  I highly recommend including the sun-dried tomatoes for their rich, sweet flavor.  They add a lot to this dish and pair nicely with the eggs.

Baked Eggs with Grilled Onions, Vegetables and Croutons
Makes 1 serving

1 slice of gluten free bread, cut into small cubes
2 teaspoons olive oil (vegan butter spread can be substituted)
1/2 of a small Vidalia onion, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon julienne cut sun-dried tomatoes in oil with herbs
2 cups mild greens or spinach leaves, chopped (I use Olivia's Cooking Greens)
2 eggs
2 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk (any milk or cream can be substituted)
salt and pepper to taste
fresh chopped parsley, if desired
boiling water

1.  Preheat the oven to 375-degrees F.  Spray an 8-ounce ramekin with non-stick cooking spray; set aside.  Set a pan of water or kettle on to boil.

2.  In a large skillet, heat 1 teaspoon of the olive oil on medium heat.  Add bread cubes and stir until cubes are coated.  Cook and stir until cubes are golden brown.  Remove from skillet; set aside.

3.  Lower heat to medium-low.  Add the remaining oil to the pan.  Add sliced onions and grill until softened and beginning to turn a golden color.  Add the sun-dried tomatoes and heat thoroughly, stirring often and cutting tomato strips into smaller pieces.  Add the greens and cover skillet with a lid.  Allow to steam until leaves are wilted, about 1-2 minutes.  Season vegetable mixture with salt and pepper to taste.  Spoon vegetable mixture into prepared ramekin.

4.  Sprinkle the toasted bread cubes over the vegetables.  Gently crack two eggs into the ramekin, being careful not to break the yolks.  Season eggs lightly with salt and pepper.  Spoon one tablespoon of the milk over each egg.

5.  Place ramekin into a larger baking dish.  Carefully pour the boiling water into the baking dish until it reaches half way up the side of the ramekin. Place in preheated oven and bake for 16-22 minutes, or until egg whites are done and yolks are partially set (or cooked to your taste preference).  Remove ramekin from the water bath and garnish eggs with chopped parsley, if desired. Serve immediately.

Nutritional Information per serving: 340 calories, 31.5 g carbohydrate (6.1 g dietary fiber, 8.6 g sugars), 18.6 g total fat (3.6 g saturated fat, less than 1 g trans fat), 372 mg cholesterol, 819 mg sodium, 152.8 mg calcium, 248 mg potassium, 18.3 g protein.

Recipe by Kathy Sheehan, copyright 2013