Friday, April 12, 2013

Almond Joy "Green" Smoothie

There is a new almond milk product available from Almond Breeze called Almond Coconut Milk.  I've been using it this week in my morning smoothies and it has a very subtle coconut flavor that is not overpowering, but makes an excellent base for tropical fruit smoothies. One cup contains 450 mg of calcium, making this smoothie an excellent source of this vital mineral.  I purchase the unsweetened variety because it has net 0 carbs and then add my own sweetening to the blender.  The recipe below is a delicious and nutritious meal in a glass that has the flavors of a candy bar. It's a fun way to start the day that will keep you satisfied for hours. (You would never guess that it contains spinach!) You've got to give this one a try soon:

Almond Joy "Green" Smoothie
Makes 1 generous, meal replacement serving

1-1/2 cups unsweetened Almond Coconut Milk
1/2 small frozen banana
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup baby spinach leaves (or other mild green)
4 teaspoons Splenda granular (or two packets, also you may substitute your own sweetener)
2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes
1 tablespoon fiber powder (optional)
1/2 scoop whey protein powder (chocolate or vanilla, optional)
5 ice cubes

Place the first eight ingredients in the blender and slowly increase the speed of your blender until you reach high (#7 on a Vitamix). Blend until smooth.  Add the ice cubes through the top opening one at a time and continue to blend for a few seconds until smooth.  Serve immediately.

Nutritional Information (including fiber & protein powders): 284 calories, 37.8 g carbohydrate (18.5 g fiber, 9.4 g sugar), 12 g total fat, 6.9 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 251 mg sodium, 905.5 mg calcium, 545 mg potassium, 11 g protein.

Recipe by Kathy Sheehan, copyright 2013.

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