Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lamb Chops with Orange, Rosemary and Butter Sauce

I'm celebrating tonight after a good doctor's visit that brought excellent news!  My lab results show that the changes I've made in my diet to reduce carbs combined with moderate protein and increased fat over the past five months are working.  My A1c dropped to 5.8 and I'm being taken off all diabetic medication!  This is a special recipe for a special occasion.  Lamb can be a bit pricey, but if you choose a shoulder blade instead of a the smaller chop, you'll save money and get a tasty cut of meat.  Ever since experiencing lamb during a trip to Iceland a few months ago, I've fallen in love!  Honestly, the best free range lamb on the planet comes from Iceland.  I was thrilled to see Icelandic lamb available for a limited time at my local Whole Foods Market.  I had to create the best recipe, since it's a rare treat, and this definitely meets with my approval.  If you can't get good lamb, this sauce is equally delicious over pork chops or chicken.

Lamb Chops with Orange, Rosemary and Butter Sauce
Makes 2 servings

2 shoulder blade lamb chops (about 6 oz each)
Salt and pepper
onion powder
1 tablespoon ghee or butter*
1 teaspoon orange zest
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed orange juice
1/4 cup chicken stock*
2 tablespoons high fat coconut milk or heavy cream*
1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary (or 1/2 teas dried)
1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum or low carb Thick It Up thickener (or 1/2 teas cornstarch or arrowroot)

1. Generously season the chops with salt and pepper, and lightly sprinkle with onion powder; set aside.

2.  In a heavy saucepan, melt the ghee or butter over medium heat.  Add the chops and cook, without turning, for at least 5 minutes.  When browned, turn and continue cooking for another 3 minutes.  Cover and cook for 2-3 minutes or until done to your taste.

3.  Meanwhile, zest the orange and chop the rosemary; set aside.  Cut the orange and squeeze 2 tablespoons of the fresh juice into a small bowl.  Add the stock and coconut milk to the juice; stir until blended.

4.  When the lamb chops are done, remove them to a serving plate.  Add the juice and stock mixture to the pan and whisk.  Add the zest and rosemary.  While whisking (important), sprinkle the xanthan gum into the sauce and stir until thickened.  (In order to prevent the xanthan gum from lumping, I use a small shaker top bottle and lightly sprinkle it while whisking vigorously.  Do not add it all at once because it might turn lumpy.  If using cornstarch or arrowroot, stir into a tablespoon or two of chicken stock until smooth, then add to the sauce in the pan.)

5.  Divide the butter sauce equally over the two chops and serve immediately.

Nutritional information per serving: 500 calories, 3 g carbohydrate (0.3 g dietary fiber, 1.9 g sugar), 37.6 g total fat (17.2 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 144 mg cholesterol, 344 mg sodium, 59.2 mg calcium, 490 mg potassium, 35.4 g protein.  Net carbs per serving: 2.7 grams

* For those with food allergies: To create a dairy free version, use ghee (clarified butter) and coconut milk.  If gluten is a problem for you, choose a certified gluten free chicken stock.

Recipe by Kathy Sheehan, copyright 2014

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